Friday, 25 June 2010

Thunderclouds and lightning

Sterling silver and snowflake obsidian. MMmmmm. My next door neighbour asked me to look out for something in black and grey when I went to the beadshop last time - to wear to a do she was going to. Unfortunately I took too long as I was ill for a week.

I call it Storm. Because the silver reminds me of lightning and the snowflake obsidian of thunderclouds. Also when I was making there was an almighty hammering noise interspersed with flashes of silver. I felt a bit like Thor (creating a noise rather than being God-like, unfortunately).

Sunday, 20 June 2010


The latest and greatest (or at least the most expensive to make!). This one has 35 silver Thai Karen Hill tribe beads, a Bali silver flower connector and headpin, over 1 meter of sterling silver wire, oodles of Amazonite and black onyx. It truly is a feast of silver and preciousness.

I'm not keeping this one, I want to, but I'l have to stop somewhere. So it's a birthday present or a cost-price party piece, we'll see. Better put it away before I wear it...

Friday, 18 June 2010

Here's one I made earlier

I haven't been too well so not much making going on. But here are a few I made earlier.
This bracelet uses up the last of the copper wire Rich brought home from work. I dipped it in liver of sulphur to age it a bit, although to be honest this wire darkens pretty quick on its own. I ran out of copper wire and brought some craft wire, but it was coated in something and refused to take the liver of sulphur. Need to get my copper wire from the hardware shop in future I think. The stones are smoky quartz and turquoise.

This one is just a stretchy I threw together with some beautiful charoite coins. I love charoite, it is really unusual and has a real depth. Apparently it's quite rare and has only ever been found in one location in Russia.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Still cab-bing

More practice with wiring cabochons. This is the fourth time I've wrapped this one, this one's a keeper though, much neater than the previous attempts. And it matches what I have on. I might even try wrapping in silver wire soon...


Love these. I made evey bit (except the beads!). The beads are - Jet, turquoise, labradorite and Thai silver. Lush.