Friday, 2 September 2011


I have been so busy making for craft fairs recently that I have not been making much for me. Well, that stops here. Haha. I am going to be a bit indulgent now for a while and make myself some holiday jewellery. (But still ask me if you see anything you want, I do commissions you know ;-) Or you can very easily make this one yourself. OMG, is this my first tutorial?...

This opal chip and pearl memory wire cuff is lovely and easy to make. You need - about 4 coils of bracelet size memory wire, round nosed pliers, memory wire cutters, opal (or other) chips and pearls (or other beads).

Make a loop at one end of the memory wire using your round nosed pliers (orient it sideways so it will sit flat on the wrist). Thread on some chips and then a pearl, some chips and then a pearl and then, when you have as many coils as you want (or run out of chips!) cut the memory wire and make another loop at the end. Remember to use special heavy duty memory wire cutters so you don't ruin your regular wire cutters.

There, that was my first tutorial. Not great, next time I will do it properly and include pics... going to do some basic metalsmith tutorials soon, just getting in gear.

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