Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Got to start somewhere...

... And it might as well be here.

I just want somewhere to journal my travels in jewellery-making, somewhere to put the pics and notes to self...

So might as well start with a few things I have made already:

This was an early one, made in about March I think. Just some simple beading and attaching the clasp. It is fluorite and black lava stone, with silver - very goth. I made another one, for Rach's birthday, in new jade and Botswana agate.

For this one I had to hunt down some (new) Berber beads from Morocco, Lovely big beads, though not silver unfortunately. The stone is carnelian. Bit hippy this one.

This is my favourite so far - a bracelet in labradorite and iolite nuggets with Bali and Thai Karen Hill tribe silver. It was also the most expensive, but so pretty, the labrodarite has blue and purple flashes.

Silver earrings with blue opal and citrine drops.

Silver again, with rainbow moonstone and aqua faceted glass cubes.

More hippyness with amethyst and rainbow moonstone on Bali silver chandaliers.

And a nice sparkly summery necklace.

All fairly easy so far... I started more wire stuff after this...

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