Wednesday, 19 May 2010

We three rings

My jewellery teacher told me last week that the ring shank I was attempting to wire wrap (for the first time) was rubbish. So I have been practising all week. These are better, but still not great.

The ring on the left was the first and worst, the bead in it (baroque amethyst nugget) is a little big for a ring I think. After I finished it I wrapped the shank rather messilly with 0.6 wire.

The ring on the right was the second with a smaller amethyst nugget. This worked a little better and I quite like this one. The shank is not wired though and it could do with it to balance it out.

I tried something different with the ring in the middle (turquoise) and did it a bit like a wired cab. I cut three pieces of wire, wrapped them and then bent it into a shank. After popping the stone in (on the end of the wrapping wire) I made the swirls with the ends of the wrapped wires. All done in 0.8 wire. Now I just need to work out how to get the sizing right - note to self: make rings smaller - easier to make bigger after!

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