Friday, 26 August 2011

Craft-y fair-y tips

Had a really good time last week at my first proper craft fair. It went ok, I felt quite well prepared but I thought I'd document a few pointers here, to remind me and assist others!

I don't know if this craft fair was representative of ALL craft fairs but I noted the following:

- When you are putting your float together think about your prices. I had quite a lot of items at £12 and £18 and this meant I needed quite a few 1 and 2 pound coins. And my 50p bargain basket took a few 50ps too!

- the 50p basket was really popular and good at attracting people to the stall. Maybe a £1 basket next time though.

- Set up your packaging for easy access. I had intended to wrap things in tissue paper but it was a bit of a faff with limited space. Packaging will get really important for gifts near Christmas though.

- If you can take anything to custom make while you are there, do so! I could have sold many more wire-wrapped rings if I took my mandrel, some wire and some stones.

- Offer discounts on more than one item.

- Have business cards with your web address if you have one. Vistaprint do free business cards.

- if someone is not sure about a piece, ask them what they are not sure about and offer to custom-make exactly what they want and post it. Take a deposit that covers materials and list the finished item on Etsy or take payment in advance.

- I had everything on one level, but in future I will take some boxes to raise some items. It adds interest, draws people in and stops people having to stoop to see things.

- I found that people loved to talk about gemstones, origins, variations, folklore, etc. Show off what you know!

- Next time I hope I'm not next to the pro-salesman who was very good at attracting nearby people!! ;-)

And finally, HAVE FUN! I loved talking about jewellery and gemstones all day, and people were lovely, both other stallholders and attendees. I'm really looking forward to the next one!

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